AIS collaborates with partners to host a forum elevating Thai Creators unveil exclusive formulas, tips, and strategies to advance coaching professions, empowering entrepreneurs for sustainable growth.

     AIS organizes the Global Creator Culture Summit, featuring world-renowned Professor David Craig, a leading social media scholar from the United States. The event unveils global coach growth figures, emphasizing the communication context in the new world. It gathers ecosystem partners and top Thai Creator, revealing inspiration, secret formulas, and tips to foster creator into professions capable of sustainable and robust growth.

    Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS said“As the developers of the country’s digital infrastructure, apart from the goal of delivering experiences and technologies to Thai customers and people, we are also ready to support various tools and connect knowledge and skills for all types of entrepreneurs in line with the Ecosystem Economy. This includes particularly supporting Content Creators, who are crucial drivers of the economy, society, culture, and serve as focal points for global context changes from every angle. This is the rationale behind organizing the “Global Creator Culture Summit”, where besides the privilege of hosting esteemed global scholars like Professor David Craig, one of the world’s leading social media scholars from the United States, to provide valuable insights for Thai Content Creators, we have also invited top Thai Content Creators and stakeholders involved in driving Thailand’s Creator Culture ecosystem to exchange ideas on this platform.”

     Professor David Craig stated, “Today, creators are influential individuals who serve as the primary drivers of the global economy. They have the potential to act as their own ‘brands,’ community builders online, and generate income through various channels such as O2O (online-to-offline) from their own spaces, platforms, and other channels. They also contribute to the economic value of other industries, driving the development of various services and features on mobile phones, which are crucial for the growth of the telecommunications industry.

     This confirms that creators are the focal point for creating economic revenue on platforms and related ecosystems, estimated to be worth about $7 trillion globally. For example, the Wanghong Culture or internet celebrities in China, who wield significant influence in the online world, have propelled the growth of social commerce dramatically. In China, anyone, even agricultural workers, can become renowned influencers because they are supported to become Wanghong creators. Therefore, I believe that through the exchange and research efforts in this event, we can identify clear pathways to create an economy from global creator cultures, shaping the future and direction of the global economy and society together.”

     The “Global Creator Culture Summit,” organized by AIS and its partners, took place on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 The event featured numerous experts exchanging knowledge, inspiration, and success tips for becoming creators. Speakers included:

  • Asa Piwkhum Director of Business and Innovation Development, Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization), on the topic “Directions and Roles in Promoting Thai Creators Globally.”
  • Sarun Bangkusonjit CEO of Uppercuz Creative, on “How to Generate Income as a Content Creator.”
  • Aticharn Cherngchavano Founder of Spin 9, discussing “Opportunities for Thai Creators Recognized by Global Brands.”
  • Wuttipong Likitchewan CEO of Artee Media and CEO of VEGA Creator (Thailand), on “Opening Pathways for Creators to Live Commerce, Ranked No. 1in Thailand, Generating 1 billion Baht in Sales.”
  • Thammachad Yothajul (Thammachad), a prominent TikToker, discussing “Unconventional Nature of ‘Thammachad,’ LGBTQ+ Breaking All Fears, to Drag Queen Creator Dominating Social Media.”
  • Kawin Panusittikorn, Head of Seller Management Thailand, TikTok Shop, on “From Seller to Creator: Making Money on TikTok.”
  • Tanapon Subsomboon, CEO of YDM Thailand, on “New Success Formula for Creator Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age.”
  • Kanatip Theerateep, Head of Product Marketing and Postpaid, AIS, on “Good, Popular, and AIS’s Products to Empower Creators to Go Far Beyond the Frontier.”

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