AIS Introduces Open API with International Standards Endorsed by GSMA and CAMARA, Paving the Way for Innovation and Business Opportunities

     AIS, the leader in Cognitive Tech-co and telecommunications services in Thailand, has unveiled its Open Application Programming Interface (Open API) adhering to international standards, designed according to the CAMARA Open API standards, and certified by GSMA. This move aims to simplify accessing and utilizing telecommunications services and various capabilities from network service providers, empowering app developers, solution providers, and businesses to innovate and seize opportunities more rapidly.

The AIS Open API comprises 11 sets of APIs that can enhance the capabilities of applications, including APIs for user authentication validation, such as Silent Network Authentication APIs for verifying users’ phone numbers (Number Verify) and checking users’ SIM card swaps (SIM Swap) using trusted information from network service providers’ system. These APIs aid in verifying users’ identities for various applications and preventing cyber fraud, which is increasingly prevalent. These APIs have been fully developed and tested, already deployed in commercial digital applications, and are ready to serve business customers and organizations.

     Phupa Akavipat, Acting Chief Enterprise Business Officer, AIS, stated, “AIS recognizes the importance and benefits of enabling developers to access services and capabilities of telecommunications service providers, which will support and expedite the development of secure application and digital service with seamless user experience. Prioritizing the security of digital service users will positively impact the overall economy. Standardizing APIs is crucial, and collaborating with GSMA and designing according to CAMARA Open API standards will help application developers enhance and deploy services more quickly across operator networks, enabling them to work more efficiently, reducing development complexity for developers working with service providers, and fostering digital application innovation for the future.”

     Henry Calvert, Head of Networks, GSMA, added, “GSMA welcomes and supports AIS in developing Open APIs to create great new digital services for mobile customers. We believe this platform will play a key role in supporting organizational developers, especially in Thailand and Southeast Asia, in accessing diverse capabilities and innovations of telecommunications networks. Through the GSMA Open Gateway initiative and interoperable APIs the mobile industry can help developers rapidly develop new services and applications, enhancing security and efficiency, for online customers.”

      In this initiative, AIS will accelerate market development through API usage collaboration with app developers and solution providers, fostering partnerships to work together, supporting necessary technical aspects and fostering ideas to create innovation. Exploring ways to utilize these APIs with various digital products and creating new Use Cases represents a new opportunity for partners from businesses, app developers, and solution providers to collaborate to accelerate development for mutual business, economic, and societal benefits.

     This time, AIS has introduced one of partner customers already working together on AIS Open API, IPification, a solution provider that verifies identities using IP Address technology and phone numbers to prevent digital system fraud on a global scale. With a customer base including both financial industry and OTT giants like Alibaba and others, totaling more than 3.5 billion users worldwide, this service will elevate mobile transaction security, allowing user identity verification through the Number Verify API without traditional OTP, offering convenient, secure, and near-instantaneous verification, enhancing customer experiences, increasing sales opportunities, or digital transactions for businesses significantly.

     “AIS Open API – For those interested in AIS Open API services, you can contact the AIS Business team immediately. In addition to the mentioned services, there are also services tailored for businesses of all sizes. Interested parties can find more information at or contact the sales team responsible for your organization.” added Phupa Akavipat

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