Beware of scammers! Be careful before clicking any links, do not accept strange calls


dtac is concerned about public safety, warning about imposters and scammers’ new method of attaching fake links via SMS by using False Base Station (FBS) and sending SMS that claims to come from banks and organizations without passing through network operators. dtac warns mobile phone customers to be extremely careful and avoid clicking on unknown SMS, not accepting unknown numbers or talking to them and becoming the victim of their threat. dtac is well aware of the concern of users regarding cybercrime by developing cyber threat protection service that covers all dimensions to deliver and enhance Smart Life for customers which provide not only conveniences but also safety for the services.

Today, dtac Safe has joined forces with its alliance Whoscall in introducing an additional service to block dangerous links, to inspect the websites before customers access and to block dangerous calls to ensure dtac customers’ safety and confidence in using the service amid the widespread fake links and websites.

▪ Customers will get free Whoscall Premium for two months when they apply for

Three months of dtacSafe package only THB 79 from today until September 30th, 2023

▪ For customers who use Whoscall under dtac network can apply for dtac Safe for a free value of THB 58 today until December 31st, 2023

▪ dtac customers apply for Advance Protection THB 799 (which includes dtac Safe, Whoscall premium, and get free cyber threat insurance that helps claim damage when being scammed) and get 200 free dtac reward coins to redeem for many privileges from today until July 31st, 2023.For more information, visit

Why is it necessary to use dtac Safe?

Because hackers and scammers are surrounded us more than we expected, dtac Safe helps block dangerous websites on social media and phishing emails as online transactions and activities are not safe as we thought; dtac Safe helps block fake websites that try to steal passwords and financial information as well as help securing website that comes with Mulware and Ransomware that try to hack information in the mobile phone. dtac Safe and Whoscall Premium is the leading application to track unknown numbers, instantly identify callers, and screen suspicious incoming calls by genius AI. With the massive database, it is ensured to block scammers, warn about unusual numbers and block dangerous calls for the safety of users. Currently, there are over 110,000 customers who trust and use dtac Safe.

For more information, visit


Widespread fake links and websites


According to Anti-Fake News Center Thailand*, unnatural links will be sent to mobile phones. Some users might not notice any unusuality and accidentally click on the link and download the dangerous files that are risky to steal money through 7 ways from scammers as follows;

1. Fake SMS, scammers will send links and claim that you get prizes or lure you into registering to get the rights for awards by asking you to fill in the information and install unwanted suspicious files.

2. Fake Websites mostly claim to be from the public sector or private companies, asking you to pay service fees and trying to make you click on the links to download the applications and steal all the money from your account.

3. Fake Line, the scammer will create a fake LINE Official Account by using a profile photo as the authentic one, claiming to be the police, bank, public entity, or private company to lure the victim into transferring money or taking the information and making you clink link which leads to loss of massive damage.

4. Link under the comment is designed as a news link or VDO clip with the name of a real main media on the link to create a misunderstanding that the source is from an actual credible press.

5. Advertisement on social media & websites, some websites try to lure for gambling advertising and send ad notifications to make the victim click on the link, including a link that installed Malware.

 6. Unidentified application, the scammer will ask the victim to download the link they sent instead of from an authentic store. It is risky to be lured to install applications, primarily loaning, gambling, and fake dating apps.

7. Fake E-mail, the scammer will claim that they are from companies to ask for payment on an unpaid bill with a link to a fake website, asking to fill in the information and make the payment.

dtac Safe and Whoscall jointly fight against the calls or messages from scammers more effectively as a shield to protect Thai people from scammers and create a safe society for everyone.

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