” Take a break Turn on Happiness ” – AIS AUNJAI CYBER, Sparks Social Detox Embrace online use responsibly, securely, and creatively on Safer Internet Day 2024.

     On Safer Internet Day this year, AIS AUNJAICYBER CYBER chooses to interpret safe internet usage as achieving a “balance” on the screen in the appropriateness of usage. Therefore, it is the origin of this campaign, Social Detox, encouraging society to take a momentary break from screens and explore other happiness around them. It aims to allow us to recover from the dangers on the screen, both in terms of cyberthreats and misinformation. The campaign also motivates everyone to try something new, open their hearts, explore new perspectives, and return to online activities in a balanced, secure, and creative way. It reaffirms the mission to promote cyber wellness in every online interaction.

    Saichon Submakudom, Head of Public Relations and Business Relations at AIS noted, “The online media usage behavior of Thais continues to increase each year. According to the Global Overview Digital Report 2023 by We Are Social, Thais spend an average of 2 hours and 44 minutes on social media daily. Additionally, the Thailand Cyber wellness Index (TCWI) indicates that over 85.16% lack digital skills, particularly in time management on screens.”

     Furthermore, the research reveals that students aged 10-18 spend the most inappropriate screen time, with an 86.11% need for skill development. This age group, particularly between 13-15 years old, shows the lowest average scores, coinciding with the age when most students start having their own phones. Excessive screen time is found to impact daily life, including learning and working, with 23.59% experiencing such consequences and 56.58%almost constant screen use.

    Digital literacy, especially in terms of screen time management, is identified as one of the essential components of the 4P Digital Intelligence Skills, fostering appropriate online media use. Recognizing these challenges, on this Safer Internet Day, we choose to communicate the perspective of online and social media usage that should be appropriately balanced. The campaign “Social Detox: Take a break Turn on Happiness” encourages everyone to take a break from social media, open their hearts, and explore new activities, aiming to reflect on themselves and return to online use in a balanced, safe, and creative manner.

    “We believe that the Social Detox campaign, ‘Take a Break, Switch On Happiness,’ on this Safer Internet Day, will be a starting point for Thais to allocate time and balance their internet usage. AIS AUNJAI CYBER continues to advance in creating Digital Citizens with Digital Wellness, capable of safely and creatively navigating the cyber world while fostering relationships with those around them,” concluded Saichon

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