AIS Aunjai CYBER makes waves with social drama, in team-up with Cyber-cops and three studios 12 morality dramas with compelling content put Thai people on alert for cyber scams

      AIS Aunjai CYBER Is taking the next steps on its mission to build cyberimmunity among the Thai population with the development of preventative tools. Cyberscams are combatted with technology and digital services, hand-in-hand with a campaign to build the knowledge and awareness to promote digital literacy. A variety of communications channels have been employed for the greatest effectiveness among each segment of users. At latest, the AIS Aunjai CYBER team has teamed up with the Cyber Police and three famous studios making social drama, Kuli Films, T Gang and Team Sang Fun. The result is a collection of 12 morality plays centered on famous cases of cyber-crime, which explicitly reveal tricks of the scammers’ trade, while giving advice on dealing with cyber-scams This is achieved with social realist drama which is currently very popular. The short films are fun and easy to understand, and will appeal to every age segment of Thai viewers.

     Saichon Submakudom, Head of Public Relations and Business Relations Business Unit at AIS commented, “Our campaign to boost digital literacy under the AIS Aunjai CYBER banner has given us insight into the problems and dangers of the cyber world. A great many people are still unaware and can fall victim to scammers. In particular, the elderly have been singled out by our comprehensive Thailand Cyber Wellness Index (TCWI). We discovered that this segment are at the greatest risk of becoming cyber-crime victims. Therefore, alongside our mission of promoting digital literacy with various tools such as the Aunjai CYBERsyllabus, we must continue to think of new ways to reach vulnerable groups, so that the Thai population as a whole has the necessary digital skills to identify cyber-scammers and be aware of their practices.

      “This is how we came up with our campaign for the last part of this year, in collaboration with the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau of the Royal Thai Police, and three well-known studios producing social drama. Each plot line is based on a real case of cybercrime, such as installing fake apps to take money out of accounts, investment scams, purchases from fake stores, or adopting a stolen identity to ask for a loan and cheat people out of money. The presentation is in the form of a short drama ormorality play reflecting modern society, which has become popular among older audiences. Straightforward narration and entertaining content is interleaved with substantive fact and words of friendly advice from the Cyber Cops, who also take on acting roles in the 12 short dramas around 12 real situations.

      “On top of warning society with various communications to build awareness, AIS has also developed protective tools against scammers such as the 1185 Hotline and the AIS Spam Report Center. Customers can report scammers’ telephone numbers and SMS for free. The AunjaiCYBER syllabus, meanwhile, Is a course of online learning to supplement awareness and build cyber-immunity among our customers and the Thai population as a whole.”

      Pol Maj Gen Atthasit Sudsanguan, Deputy Commissioner of Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) added, “It is an undeniable fact that scammers are continuously designing new methods of fraud to deceive the public, and all too often con them out of their property. The most important factor to address cyber-crime is not just enforcement, because we must also focus on prevention. We achieve this by building awareness among the public, so that they are correctly informed when they go online, and can navigate the online world safely. This ongoing collaboration with AIS to provide various kinds of public warning genuinely addresses this issue at its root cause.

      “We are delighted to be working with AIS again on this vital communications task of building awareness among the public in the form of morality dramas. As a result, people should be mindful, on the alert, skeptical, in no hurry, not about to transfer any cash, and not falling victim to scammers who have disguised themselves in various ways. The public may also ask for advice, give leads to an ongoing investigation, or just ask for help with cyber-scammers through the 1141 hotline.”

      Watch all 12 of the morality dramas at All 12 episodes are packed with warnings about cyber scams and ways to deal with them, and are made by three production houses, Kuli Films, T Gang and Team Sang Fun.

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