AIS collaborates with Looloo Technology to encourage society to create a balanced use of AI through the AI Governance Framework, supporting organizations to manage ethically, transparently, and sustainably, laying the foundation for AI to truly evolve into Intelligent Assistant

     Today, as the world is being transformed by AI, we are stepping into a new era where it is difficult to predict how we will live, how businesses will need to adjust their business models, or whether the environment will become more concerning.

     Therefore, every organization is striving to expand its knowledge of AI and create AI applications that fully address their needs to stay competitive. In doing so, they might forget to lay the foundation or framework for balanced AI usage to maximize sustainable benefits without causing adverse effects on society, the economy, or the environment.

     This is the impetus behind the collaboration between AIS and Looloo Technology, a company specializing in AI, aiming to drive sustainable AI usage. This partnership seeks to enhance the competitiveness of organizations and Thailand on the international stage. Arakin Rakchittapoke, Head of Novel Engine Execution Business Unit at AIS, joined hands with Parith Rangsimanond, Supiti Buranawatanachoke, Dr. Thammanit Pipatsrisawat, Co-founders, and Methin Paspanthong, Head of AI Strategy at Looloo Technology Co., Ltd., to jointly design the AI Governance Framework – a blueprint for sustainable AI.

      This framework will guide the application of AI considering ethical factors, governance, transparency, auditability, equality, and environmental issues. The aim of this collaboration is to inspire everyone using AI to adopt a sustainable usage framework, ensuring that the AI we create becomes more of an Intelligent Assistant (IA) rather than a disruptive force.

    This collaboration is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2024 and will be applicable within AIS and other organizations to plan for comprehensive AI integration by 2024 as well.

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